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Stressful times

Hello there! as Bill Bailey said in Black Books, long time no speaky! I haven’t been very good at multitasking these days. My best mate came down to visit us in London the past two weeks, I haven’t seen him in five years so catching up with him has been my main activity lately. On top of this I’m finally on the last days of my dissertation writing marathon and trying to get a job starting this September. So all in all as you’ve guessed if you’ve come around these days to the blog I’ve not been writing much here (at all probably a better description). It will stay like this probably until Tuesday next week once my dissertation is handed in and the subsequent hangover clears from my mind to give way to the brilliant stuff you’ve experienced in this blog in the past few months.

Until then have a look at this very interesting report by The Politico on Obama’s path to the nomination. See you all back here in less than a week!


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According to a survey by hotel chain Travelodge Gordon Brown ranks third in the list of celebrities that most often appear in Britons’ nightmares.

The list is topped by Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Manson (tough two to beat I’ll admit).

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Mahmud Darwish (1942-2008)

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Brilliant post by Charlie Beckett in defense of ‘amateur’ creativity in the face of professional journalists’ patronising attitude to the blogosphere. Essential reading.

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Friday round-up

Well the weekend is upon us. Today it’s been an extremely unproductive day. I have watched most of the Olympics Inauguration Ceremony (really really impressive), failed to finish off the methodology section of my dissertation and not much inspiration for blogging today either. But just a quick post with a couple of interesting things I found around on the internet just as an excuse to wish you all a happy weekend.

First of all this report in TechPresident on McCain’s ‘The one’ attack ad on Obama. According to a group of progressive evangelicals that has endorsed Obama for president the ad (that at first sight seems pretty ineffectual) is full of coded language for evangelicals that portrays Obama as the anti-christ. Strange to say the least, but on a second viewing you can see slight hints I guess (not a religious man myself so can’t really tell if it’s emotionally compelling). The video is below for you to judge.

And the second interesting piece of infomation is this online version of the book ‘Rebooting America’. A compilation of short essays on the potential a relationship between web 2.0 and government could have for transparency, efficiency, etc… I just got a copy of the book delivered to me by Amazon and hopefully I’ll get to read it soon and definitely will putĀ  the review out here when I’m finished with it.

Nothing else, happy weekend! and I leave you with ‘The one’…

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The government and web 2.0

I just found out through Dizzy that No. 10 plans to launch a TV channel. It certainly does no harm if it helps to provide greater transparency, although I presume it won’t be too much fun to watch either. But the ‘funny’ thing Dizzy has found out is that their announcement wasn’t followed by taking precautions from the inevitable online prank. And a prank is exactly what happened, have a look at this…

This isn’t the first cock-up by the government’s web 2.0 operation. As Guido has embarrasingly noted in his blog, the widely publicised Ask the PM a question YouTube campaign never actually happened. Both of these msitakes are avoidable and embarrasingly amateurish. Which is shocking seeing how the open source government work under Tom Watson is looking great and the UK is becoming a much talked about world vanguardist in the open government field.

UPDATE: LabourMatters tells me that the PM did actually answer the question, it simply was delayed for 10 days. My mistake there.

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New Obama video

Good work on the McSame front from Obama’s camp, message discipline is key in a race where both candidates’s political profiles haven’t yet been fully defined in the mind of the electorate.

Hat tip from TOK.

UPDATE: OK, so Paris Hilton isn’t precisely part of my top five all times favourite celebrities. But you got to appreciate self-deprecation when you see it. For once I actually liked this girl, even if it’s just for duration of the 1:50 minutes of this video. Good work Paris!

Hat tip from Sadie’s Tavern.

Oh! and what Hilton actually says in the video on energy policy isn’t far from the truth, if you don’t believe me have a look at this.

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