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Got to love the internet…want to create your own bus slogan, ‘atheist style’?

Then click here and have some fun! Absolutely brilliant…


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If last week there was a quote from this blog in the BBC News website on the Labour conference, this week is on Cameron’s speech to the Tory one. You can read it here at 14.51.

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A friend of mine has come across a quote from Forgesian Thinking on the coverage of the Labour conference on the BBC News website. It appears under my name (M Areu) rather than that of the blog’s. Still, exciting someone at the Beeb is reading this blog, even if is one of their interns.

We are moving up people! Mr. Paxman, in need of a special guest in the future? just drop me a line : )

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Sure like the limelight!

Iain Dale has released the final ranking on the top 100 UK political blogs. 1,140 votes in and Forgesian Thinking is made it in number 80. Not bad for a four months old blog!

Thank you again to everyone who voted for this blog. Hope everyone keeps enjoying reading it. More tomorrow.

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Honey, I’m home!

Hello there people! after spending the past few weeks in solitary confinement trying desperately to finish off my dissertation it feels good to be back in the real world. It feels even better when this morning trying to catch up with what was going on in the blogging world I almost fell off my chair. Forgesian Thinking is made it number 26 in the top 100 left of centre blogs compiled by Iain Dale (you can find the full list here).

I want to thank everyone who voted for this blog and hope you keep enjoying reading it in the future. I’m officially not on a deadline anymore (at least for the time being) so blogging is back as usual. Now if you excuse me I’m going to go jump around my house while Queen’s ‘We are the champions’ tune blasts out of my stereo.

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Make history people!

Iain Dale has started to prepare his annual top 100 UK blogs ranking. This year the rules apparently are a bit more complicated than in previous years (this blog wasn’t around then).

First of all let me say is a great thing Iain is doing this. Encouraging healthy competition and promoting the UK blogosphere with these kind of events is always good to get more people to both read and write blogs as well as raising awareness of some great quality writing around.

But getting down to business. I would be extremely grateful if any Forgesian Thinking reader would follow the instructions below and vote for this humble blog to enter the Total Politics Top 100 blogs. I don’t expect to be in the top 100 blogs (hell, I don’t even think I will be in the top 500), but as the Olympic motto goes, the important thing is to participate not to win!

The instructions to enter the competition are as follows:

1. Please only vote once
2. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents are eligible or based on UK politics are eligible (that’s us).
3. Votes must be cast before Friday 15 August.
4. Blogs chosen must be listed in the Total Politics Blog Directory (this is us as well).
5. You must send a list of TEN blogs, ranked. Any entry containing fewer than ten blogs will not count.
6. Anonymous votes left in the comments will not count. You must give a name.

The list should be send by email to toptenblogs@totalpolitics.com with the header Top ten blogs.

Thank you very much everyone, I will post the final top 100 list here on August 15.

UPDATE: on request from Marcus, my most active reader and random news-feeder to this blog, my top ten as emailed to Total Politics is the following:

1- Forgesian Thinking (selfish I know) 2- Recess Monkey 3- Hopi Sen 4- Bob Piper 5- Luke Akehurst 6- Charlie Beckett 7- Tom Watson MP 8- Dizzy Thinks 9- Sadie’s Tavern 10- Never Trust a Hippy.

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On holidays

Yesterday I finally landed in Spain. It feels good to be home and out of London, though I forgot how hot it can get in my hometown in summer! (43 degrees at the moment, far from pleasant outside the water).

Well, as you can imagine blogging won’t be a priority this week. I will post if I come across anything worth sharing with you. Meanwhile perhaps Iain Dale will get some time to explain why my piece on the eurosceptics is utterly barking (not high hopes for that though).

Ok people, see you all back here in a week.

This is were I’m going to be staying, our house in the countryside. Not the most glamorous of places but certainly my favourite.

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