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The show of shows

You don’t get a political night bigger than this. It’s not just an Americn election, it’s not just the American election that will end the disastrous Bush presidency, it’s the American election that will end the disastrous Bush presidency and be starting (fingers crossed) the Obama presidency, a black man with a completely un-American approach to politics, more European if you like.

Tonight half of the world will be glued to a TV to follow this election coverage, you know the famous ‘and CNN is now ready to call the state of ???? for Senator/Congressman/Governor ???’.

In proper American style, I have got myself plenty of beers, potato skins, hotdogs and doritos with tomato salsa to get through the night. Also bought a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate a historic moment (if it is to be).

I will not be blogging tonight because American elections, like Hollywood, is a show to be enjoyed free of distractions. Iain Dale is doing a live chat in his blog if you are feeling active tonight. On this side of London I will be watching CNN and BBC simultaneously with a beer in my hand waiting for the numbers to come in. And by the way if you are a numbers-geek or simply want some great quality polling commentary go over to this great great site.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

I leave you with two videos one with Obama working as an intern for Zapatero (with this second time, do you reckon Zapatero is the most mentioned foreign leader in this election?) and a hilarious one, an American introduction to football on Phoenix from the Flames, bless them! (Mark this one is for you mate!)



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The last days of a losing campaign…

No words, just pathetic…

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Check out this video. NBA player Devin Harris ( he plays as point guard for the Nets) one of the rising stars of the game got humiliated at a London playground by British street player, Stuart Tanner.

Watch minute 1:32 just to see what the kid can do.

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Best of Denver

Things are looking up for Barack Obama to become the next President in November. Although there is still a long way to go, including the presidential debates, it seems like the Democrats’ Convention served its purpose of reuniting and reenergising a campaign that was losing some steam in the past few weeks. On the other hand McCain has had to cut short his show due to Hurricane Gustav and his running mate, Sarah Palin, seems to have not been vetted properly by the campaign team (whatever McCain spinners say). So all in all Obama is up 8 points with 50% to McCain’s 42% and we are in the middle of the Republican Convention.

I leave you here with my two favourite speeches from Denver, those of John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich:

And finally…if Pat Buchanan likes it something spells trouble for McCain:

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Friday round-up

Well the weekend is upon us. Today it’s been an extremely unproductive day. I have watched most of the Olympics Inauguration Ceremony (really really impressive), failed to finish off the methodology section of my dissertation and not much inspiration for blogging today either. But just a quick post with a couple of interesting things I found around on the internet just as an excuse to wish you all a happy weekend.

First of all this report in TechPresident on McCain’s ‘The one’ attack ad on Obama. According to a group of progressive evangelicals that has endorsed Obama for president the ad (that at first sight seems pretty ineffectual) is full of coded language for evangelicals that portrays Obama as the anti-christ. Strange to say the least, but on a second viewing you can see slight hints I guess (not a religious man myself so can’t really tell if it’s emotionally compelling). The video is below for you to judge.

And the second interesting piece of infomation is this online version of the book ‘Rebooting America’. A compilation of short essays on the potential a relationship between web 2.0 and government could have for transparency, efficiency, etc… I just got a copy of the book delivered to me by Amazon and hopefully I’ll get to read it soon and definitely will putĀ  the review out here when I’m finished with it.

Nothing else, happy weekend! and I leave you with ‘The one’…

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New Obama video

Good work on the McSame front from Obama’s camp, message discipline is key in a race where both candidates’s political profiles haven’t yet been fully defined in the mind of the electorate.

Hat tip from TOK.

UPDATE: OK, so Paris Hilton isn’t precisely part of my top five all times favourite celebrities. But you got to appreciate self-deprecation when you see it. For once I actually liked this girl, even if it’s just for duration of the 1:50 minutes of this video. Good work Paris!

Hat tip from Sadie’s Tavern.

Oh! and what Hilton actually says in the video on energy policy isn’t far from the truth, if you don’t believe me have a look at this.

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Another dissertation-writing break, another blogpost… I’ve been thinking about continuing my ‘all time top five’ series for a while now. So here they go, the next serie is on the funniest political moments of all times. Enjoy!

5- Bush and golf.

4- Clinton and Yeltsin (boy, those were the good old days!)

3- Everyone’s favourite Welsh Minister.

2- Senator Kirk Watson clearly explains why Obama is so great.

1- And the classic of classics, will never get tired of watching this, our very own Deputy PM showing us how to properly launch an electoral manifesto.

Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share your own top five.

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