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Yet again… The Sun

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A friend of mine has just emailed me this video from MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann‘s. I have heard of him before but never got to watch any of the ‘special commment’ section on his show.

Watch this clip on Bush and the Iraq War, it’s absolutely brutal! definitely will keep an eye on his show as the November election nears.

P.S.: my apologies, I seem to be unable to embed the video into the blog, found a shorter clip on YouTube, but thought it’s worth to listen to the whole thing so just click on the link and enjoy.

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Practice your French

A friend of mine has sent me a link to this new French online magazine called Rue89.

I had a look around and it seems really interesting. Its content is pretty mixed with some good curent affairs analysis from alternative perspectives (don’t worry, it’s not a Indymedia style lefty e-zine). It’s also pretty interactive with the reader in terms of public participation through comment, signed articles, etc.

In fact I read (struggled to read actually would be more accurate) a very interesting article on Rajendra Pachauri‘s opposition to India’s involvement with the reduction of CO2 emissions as agreed in today’s G8 summit. If you remember Pachauri received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 on behalf of the IPCC and together with Al Gore for their fight against climate change. Pachauri is quoted in the article defending the prioritisation by India of economic development over environmental concerns. This certainly raises the ultimate question on climate change, should the West pressure emerging economies to reduce their emissions even if it has a negative impact on poverty reduction?

All in all Rue89 is definitely worth to have a look at. A good way to practice one’s French while reading some interesting analysis on current affairs worldwide or even if it’s just to follow once more the annual self-destroying capacity of the French Socialist Party.

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Fortune cookie politics

What is it with American politicians making the most absurd arguments without even a blink of an eye? I keep reading this nonsense about Iraq over and over again. McCain did it the other day, yesterday it was Joe Lieberman and of course Bush is done it about a zillion times. Gentlemen, Iran is Shia, Al-Qaeda is Suni, they aren’t business partners, they oppose each other.

Moreover, why is it that US media is unable to confront the politician in the moment instead of let him make an absurd argument? they have a responsibility to their audience, you know that whole watchdog role and the provision of verifiable information. False arguments like this on Iran and Al-Qaeda simply encourage social constructions about Islam that simplify it into black or white. This is fortune cookie politics and its pretty embarrasing to see two senior US senators and a US President spreading prejudice like that and the media allowing it to happen.

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TeleMadrid, the regional public channel of the Spanish capital, is well known for being under the tight grip of the Conservative Regional President Esperanza Aguirre. Accusations of news manipulation in the regional public channel for the benefit of Aguirre are widespread.

However in her last act of manipulation, Aguirre has found herself confronted by the reality of modern media, web 2.0. On a visit to a public hospital in Madrid Aguirre was confronted by a number of protesters accusing her of privatising the capital’s public health system. At some point she lost her temper and aggresively confronted them. However in the final broadcast by TeleMadrid on the visit that part was cut off. Moreover, El Pais newspaper has obtained a document in which the TeleMadrid management warns its sales team that the footage of the confrontation cannot be sold to other media outlets. Nevertheless, someone with better judgement within the corporation decided to take the original footage of the confrontation and put it up on YouTube. So far in three day the video has been watched 63,000 times online.

Below is the YouTube video of the censored footage and the actual broadcast from TeleMadrid, quite a difference, wouldn’t you say?

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Tim Russert dies

The interviewer from hell and NBC legend, Tim Russert, has died of a heart attack today. Russert was probably the best American political journalist and certainly the toughest interviewer in American politics. He was the presenter of ‘Meet the Press’.

It’s very sad that at a time of scarce quality journalism we have to suffer a loss like this.

As a tribute I leave you with a peek at what a Russert interview feels like, guest star: John McCain…

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I bought this book ages ago but didn’t get around to read it until two days ago. I read it almost in one go and it’s one of the most optimistic and revitalising political books I’ve read in a long long time.

Trippi was Howard Dean‘s campaign manager in 2004 for the Presidency of the United States. The Dean campaign became famous across the world for its pioneer use of the internet as a new medium for mobilisation and fund-raising, at least that what they told us at the time. But the reality this book tells is very different. Trippi provides an account of the emergence of the internet and web 2.0 in the early 2000s and how his vision and that of many other techno/political-geeks fused this new interactive tool with the world of politics. Trippi et al’s pioneering work emerged at a time when campaigning was still very much stuck in the old ‘permanent campaign’ paradigm, TV-centred, top-down structured and isolated from any input from the electorate. The book provides a strong advocacy of the key role the internet and web 2.0 are playing already in the world of politics and beyond. Obama’s campaign is been argued to be an improved version of Dean’s and Obama’s embrace of the internet to have given him the edge over Clinton in the primary race.

Full disclosure, I have to say I’m always been reluctant of the power of the internet beyond a certain point. Most people still get their political information out of the MSM and other off-line resources. But after I started blogging I have paid more attention, and even started researching, on the use of network activism online, web 2.0 technology and open source politics. I’m now becoming obsessed with this new hobby of mine and definitely expect more on this subject from now on in the blog. For starters I bought online a copy of Wikinomics, the book, and planning to read it once Royal Mail delivers it to my door. Will let you know my thoughts on that one as well in the near future.

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