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Spanish conservatives like to boast about great unity within the party. Discipline is the key see, in the spirit of those dictatorships of the like of Mugabe or Castro, PP leaders are elected with 99% of the vote as the party apparatus makes sure only one candidate at a time runs.

But as we saw in the national convention a couple of weeks ago two electoral defeats in a row are starting to foster a bit of a grassroots revolt from within. Ana Mato was chosen by PP Madrid HQ as the next party leader in Catalonia. The party apparatus made a couple of calls and asked the three other contenders for the post to step down so Mato could run unopposed and win under the unity banner as they like to see in PP. But the move backfired monumentally, as Mato was delivering her victory speech to the party regional convention and spoke of unity (fake, but unity) she got this…have a look at the video.


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The Spanish Conservative Party (PP) today started its party convention in Valencia.

After his crashing defeat in the May 9 general election Rajoy has been openly criticised by several high-profile party leaders within PP. The party leaders in Madrid and the Basque Country, Esperanza Aguirre and Maria San Gil, as well as MEPs’ leader Jaime Mayor Oreja have been his most vocal opponents. But they were unable to challenge him with an alternative leadership campaign. However in the last month it’s believed that the ultimate party boss, and former Spanish PM, Jose Maria Aznar was starting to plot against Rajoy after the latter moved Aznar’s speech to the convention to Saturday rather from the closing day, Sunday, to avoid Aznar stealing the limelight.

Well have a close loo at the video. Aznar arrives late to interrupt the convention. Like a rockstar he walks up to take his seat and effusively kisses Madrid President Esperanza Aguirre and shakes hands with everyone, however when he gets to Rajoy he shakes hand very quickly without even making eye contact (don’t even think of a hug to the party leader to show one’s support).

That’s gotta hurt! Rajoy needs to come out of the convention as a strong leader to take on the economic crisis and battle with Zapatero for four long years in Congress. Aznar today has just blown the first day, two more to go and Aznar’s speech is tomorrow!

Have a look at the video, notice Aznar in second 41 kissing Aguirre and then in second 51blowing Rajoy away with all the camera flashes on them. Ouch!

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