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During the Republican primaries I didn’t pay much attention to the candidates. I was so focused in the Democratic one, and there were so many Republican contenders, I kind of read about it but never really looked in the detail at all the candidates. I had heard about Ron Paul being a ‘special’ case within the Republican contest. I knew he was a libertarian against US military interventions abroad or any kind of taxation. But watching this video yesterday I found a candidate that represents the orthodoxy of the Republican Party like no other I’ve ever seen.

Republicans always talk about cutting expenditure, but never on agricultural subsidies or military spending. They talk about being tough on terrorists but keep fighting them with the same failed strategy of the past 50 years. They talk about material individual freedoms but not when it comes to morality. In other words, Republicans leave out orthodoxy when running for office. Ron Paul doesn’t do this, you might disagree with the guy, but he stands in principle whatever it takes (as you’ll see in the video).

But the most impressive thing about Ron Paul is he’s stand on 9/11. Noone is going to disagree on the tragedy it was, but I always have felt noone within the American political class was asking himself or herself why is this happening. Why do they attack us? Ron Paul is the only prominent political leader in the US, Republican or Democrat, that doesn’t just give you the standard patriotic answer, he tackles the root cause straight on (have a look at the other candidates response to his statement). I have gained a lot of respect for this guy, I can respect more a politician that stands on principle even if we disagree that one that flip-flops on issues just to get himself to be liked.

Here is the video… (excuse the fact that is pro-Ron Paul just focus on what he says, not the whole paraphernalia around)


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