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Well! who would have thought so, I’m in shock, I’m in disbelief! Our very own Jose Maria Aznar, the rock star politician, is rumoured to be the father of the child expected by French Justice Minister Rachida Dati. The world is gone crazy: that’s a fact.

Those years playing squash are really starting to show Mr. President…


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Spanish conservatives like to boast about great unity within the party. Discipline is the key see, in the spirit of those dictatorships of the like of Mugabe or Castro, PP leaders are elected with 99% of the vote as the party apparatus makes sure only one candidate at a time runs.

But as we saw in the national convention a couple of weeks ago two electoral defeats in a row are starting to foster a bit of a grassroots revolt from within. Ana Mato was chosen by PP Madrid HQ as the next party leader in Catalonia. The party apparatus made a couple of calls and asked the three other contenders for the post to step down so Mato could run unopposed and win under the unity banner as they like to see in PP. But the move backfired monumentally, as Mato was delivering her victory speech to the party regional convention and spoke of unity (fake, but unity) she got this…have a look at the video.

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