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Excuse my obsession with the topic of getting the Government off the dirt and up and running, but I think drastic measures are needed on the policy side of Government. And on that line I was yesterday night watching Newsnight and I came across a face one hardly ever sees in the frontline, the Minister for Energy Malcolm Wicks.

Wicks was yesterday talking to Gavin Esler on the programme about the new peak on oil prices and its impact in the British economy. Wicks came across very well I thought. He provided an impressive performance on how to clearly defend the environmental credentials of this Government while reassuring the public on the Government’s commitment to alleviate the impact of the price hike. He was articulate, on message and he even at some point managed to get a big laugh out of Gavin (and myself) when commenting on a question by a ‘liberal democrat, a young innocent man that he was’ on the future price of oil, which skillfuly help him get away with not answering a difficult question and brought back the much needed wit Labour lost since Blair left office one year ago.

Wicks is the kind of Minister Brown needs to put up front at the moment. He doesn’t hesitate to answer clearly the questions put out to him and his answers are straightforward and clearly understood. Gordon Brown after the summer might want to start refreshing the public face of Government by removing some of the old faces that aren’t trusted anymore or simply people are too tired of seeing on TV for new more energetic ones like Wicks. I was certainly very impressed with him yesterday and hope to see more of him, and others like him, in the future.


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